Trusst 105.5 Mm Truss Spacer Set
Trusst 105.5 Mm Truss Spacer Set

Trusst 105.5 Mm Truss Spacer Set

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Trusst 105.5 Mm Truss Spacer Set for Ct290 Series 4pcs per Set Aluminum

These spacer sets easily connect to our TRUSST® corner pieces to create level structures when using different styles of corner pieces. The 105mm truss spacer also allows an extra 105mm (4.13in) in height for a truss totem to easily slide in any last minute truss warmers.


  • Manufactured from high-grade and lightweight aluminum
  • Spacer allows different style TRUSST corners to mate together in certain configurations and circumstances
  • Extends the CT290-43TC to match the CT290-4390C and CT290-490C
  • Uses existing CT-CONKIT connecting hardware included with corners and sticks


  • Length: 4.13 in (105 mm)
  • Outer diameter tube: 2 in (50 mm)
  • Wall thickness: 0.31 in (8 mm)
  • Weight: 0.71 lbs (0.33 kg)
  • 4 spacers per set
  • Attachment hardware not included