Roland TD50NOC-SPDSX-K TD-50 Ltd. Edition 5-Piece Drum

Roland TD50NOC-SPDSX-K TD-50 Ltd. Edition 5-Piece Drum

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Roland's limited edition TD-50 Nocturne electronic drum kit is already one of a kind. However, we want the one you get from Full Compass to be a little more unique, so we've added a few things to create the TD50NOC-SPDSX-K bundle. In addition to Roland's TD-50 Nocturne kit, you'll also get an SPD-SX sampling percussion pad with an APC33 clamp to mount it.

The TD-50 Nocturne is a limited-edition V-Drum kit equipped with the innovative Randy May MAATS™ AIRlift™ Rack. Thanks to the MAATS Magnetic Air Adjustment Tom Suspension mounts and other one-of-a-kind technology features, this premium kit enhances Roland’s most impressive and wide-ranging sounds with a unique feel and commanding onstage presence.

Premium drum wraps feature a matte black finish and red oyster-shell stripe that accents the unique pad configuration in a powerful way. A custom kick drum head adds to the iconic look of this amazing kit, giving a nod to acoustic drum heritage while forging into the future with the most innovative technology available today.

the TD-50 Nocturne kit comes equipped with digital snare and ride pads that feature multi-element sensor systems and high-speed digital communication with the module, plus top-line tom, crash, and hi-hat pads. Offering supreme playability and unmatched expression, the TD-50 Nocturne V-Drums kit takes the premium V-Drums experience to a new level.

The Roland TD-50 V-Drums sound module has been created for top-flight live performance, intense practice sessions, and eclectic studio work. Featuring an advanced processor and newly developed Prismatic Sound Modeling, the TD-50 delivers Roland’s wide-ranging sounds. In addition to traditional analog trigger inputs, the module is equipped with all-new digital trigger inputs for high-speed communication with the multi-element sensor systems in the PD-140DS snare and CY-18DR ride pads. Meanwhile, deep editing features and flexible connectivity put you in charge. With unmatched sound quality, response, and expression, the TD-50 is the new pro standard in electronic drum sound modules.

Roland's SPD-SX sampling percussion pad brings even more flexibility and creative possibilities to the TD-50 Nocturne. You get 9 sensitive rubber pads, 2 independent real-time control knobs, and 4 dedicated effect buttons. Multi-pad sampling capability allows you to create and assign a sample to a pad by simply striking it at the beginning and endpoints as the audio streams in. Once you have your samples you can apply real-time effects like filter, delay, and looping from the dedicated front-panel controls. And of course you'll want to mount the SPD-SX to your TD50KV, so we've included an APC33 mount to do just that.

Kick pedal, snare stand, and hi-hat stand are shown for illustrative purposes and are sold separately.

Limited-edition flagship electronic kit with ultimate expression
Outfitted with Randall May MAATS AIRLIFT Rack and Magnetic Air Adjustment Suspension System pad mounts
Custom pad configuration with premium wraps: two PD-108-NOC pads (configurable as two rack toms or rack tom and side snare) and two PD-128-NOC floor tom pads
TD-50 module with Prismatic Sound Modeling and all-new sounds
Newly developed 14-inch PD-140DS digital snare with a high-resolution multi-sensor system for unparalleled dynamics and accurate positional detection
New 18-inch CY-18DR digital ride provides accurate positional sensing and improved dynamics using an innovative multi-sensor system
Additional cymbal pads include VH-13 V-Hi-Hat, CY-14C crash, and CY-15R crash/ride
KD-220-NOC 22” Kick Drum Trigger
Play your own WAV samples via an SD card
USB 10-channel audio out for multi-track recording through a single USB cable
Stereo XLR master output and eight TRS direct outs provide balanced connections to a PA
Metronome with Quiet Count plus audio recording/playback functions for practice