QSC WL3082 WideLine-8 Line Array System

QSC WL3082 WideLine-8 Line Array System

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Line array systems have become the primary loudspeaker configuration for tour sound and many large installations. With the advent of the ILA Installation Line Array System QSC offers a professional system at breakthrough pricing making line array performance accessible to a far broader range of house of worship and performance venues.

ILA is a line array system designed specifically for installation. ILA System v2 is a complete system consisting of line array subwoofer processing amplification and suspension accessories. The result is an accessible system with very high performance moderate cost and ease of deployment.


An ILA system doesn't require set up by an expert user with sophisticated acoustical measurement equipment. The SC28 system controller offers simple preset recall processing. While it's simple to use the SC28 offers audio quality so good that it's being used on major concert tours. To achieve this combination of simplicity and performance QSC developed the proprietary Intrinsic Correction™ process.

Most line array systems currently available are designed for touring applications. Touring requires extreme ruggedization and expensive suspension hardware. As a result overall system cost is driven beyond the means of many facilities that could benefit from line array performance. By focusing on installation applications using a molded enclosure and simplifying the rigging design QSC drove cost out of the ILA system while retaining the sound quality coverage and power of high end touring line array systems.

Each Installation Line Array element uses a pair of high-power neodymium magnet 8" diameter low-frequency drivers. Both woofers produce low frequencies but only one covers the mid-range resulting in more uniform directivity in the crossover region. For high frequencies a pair of 1.75" (voice coil diameter) neodymium compression drivers with titanium domes are mounted on a multiple aperture diffraction waveguide* that provides extremely wide coverage (140º). As a result a WL2082-i system will rarely require additional side or center fill speakers and solid stereo imaging is preserved across the listening area.

Features of the WL3082

Extraordinarily compact (only 20" / 508 mm wide) and lightweight (38 lbs / 17.2 kg)
High acoustic output (133 dB SPL peak)
Wide 140° horizontal coverage
High power 8" neodymium LF / MF drivers provide low-frequency extension to 62 Hz without subwoofers
3" diaphragm compression driver on QSC's patented 140° multiple diffraction aperture waveguide (Patent No. 7177437)
Patented (D576660) side-mounted vent ports designed for double duty as handles
Simple easy-to-use rigging system supports arrays of up to 12 units with 10:1 design factor
Flexible ground stack capability
Fully supported in EASE and EASE Focus acoustic software







Dual 8", 3-way, tri-amp line-array

Dual 12", 4th-order bandpass subwoofer



1.4" exit, 3" diaphragm, neodymium magnet compression driver
Dual, 8" woofer, 2.4" voice coil


Dual 12" woofer with a 4" voice coil, ceramic magnet assembly