QSC WL218-sw Passive Dual 18-inch Flying Subwoofer

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WideLine Subwoofer Black

The WL218-sw is a premium high-performance dual 18" subwoofer designed for suspended or ground stacked use in the most demanding touring or installed concert applications. With an impressive combination of punch low-frequency extension and accuracy the WL218-sw is an ideal companion for QSC's acclaimed WideLine as well as other professional sound reinforcement systems.

Sound system designers and operators are increasingly turning to subwoofer systems that are flown with the main array for a more seamless acoustical transition from the bass to the low-mid region. With a simple three-point suspension design that is essentially a scaled up version of the QSC WideLine system the WL218-sw fulfills the requirement while also delivering powerful and stunningly accurate low frequency output.

Suspension of the array requires one AF218-sw for each subwoofer array. The AF218-sw is a simple heavy-duty array frame constructed of welded aviation-grade 6061-T6 aluminum and intended for suspension of up to eight WL218-sw subwoofers with a 10:1 design factor. For ground-supported applications the subwoofers may be stacked using the interlocking feet and recess features machined into the enclosure's end caps.

The 18" woofers incorporate a double layer spider and triple roll surround for extended and controlled excursion at extreme power. The 4" voice coil is wound on a fiberglass former to prevent deformation at high operating temperatures and is extensively vented to reduce power compression. An aluminum demodulating ring is employed for low distortion.

The extremely musical yet powerful performance of the subwoofer is the result of carefully balancing the transducer selection cabinet volume and port tuning. The resulting system offers plenty of "punch" while maintaining ample extension so the musically important and satisfying fundamentals are solidly and accurately reproduced.

The enclosure of the WL218-sw is constructed of premium quality birch plywood finished in an environmentally friendly waterborne polymer finish that stands up to life on the road while also being field repairable. Extensive internal bracing is employed to eliminate acoustic losses due to panel resonance. Further contributions to cabinet rigidity come from vent walls constructed of the same plywood as the enclosure. Each woofer is protected by a heavy-duty 14 gauge powder coated steel grille and housed in its own separate chamber to prevent failure of one driver from causing damage to the other.

Despite the extremely large amount of air moving in the ports careful attention to detail has resulted in a system that is free of port distortion "chuffing". Ample port area allows massive amounts of air to move freely with minimal turbulence and the ports are arranged so as to eliminate asymmetrical loading of the woofers which can result in distortion and voice coil failure related to rocking-modes. Transport and handling were also given high priority. No matter how the box is deployed one of the dozen handles will be where it needs to be. The included dolly has rugged 3.5" ball bearing casters and an elegantly easy-to-use snap on mechanism for attachment to the enclosure.

QSControl.net / Basis DSP files are available for download. They are tuned for use with WL218-sw to provide optimized performance.

Also Available in White (WL218-sw-WH)


Simple convenient suspension system based on the proven QSC WideLine design. Supports up to 8 WL218-sw subwoofers with 10:1 design factor
Very high acoustic output capability - 139 dB SPL (1m) peak
Ample "punch" combined with low-frequency extension down to 31 Hz
Comprehensive transport and handling features including an easy to attach dolly and twelve thoughtfully placed handles
Premium-grade long-excursion high-power woofers with 4" fiberglass voice coils double layer spiders and triple roll surrounds
Birch ply enclosure with independent dual chambers and extensive internal bracing for rigidity and solid accurate reproduction



2 x 18" vented subwoofer

Low Frequency Transducer

2 x 850 W, 8 ohms 18" woofer with 4" voice coil assembly

Frequency Response

37 to 200 Hz