QSC E218SW Dual 18-inch Passive Subwoofer

QSC E218SW Dual 18-inch Passive Subwoofer

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The E218sw is a high-performance direct radiation subwoofer with two, 800W, 18-inch, aluminum frame woofers. It’s designed to produce crushing low-end for live performance with kick-drum and bass in the PA or for high-level, high-energy dance music. For portable applications it includes attachment points for four optional casters. The subwoofer’s 4-ohm impedance means that a single cabinet can be optimally powered by a less expensive amplifier.

The E Series is a range of passive loudspeakers offering robust construction, trusted reliability and overall sonic performance beyond expectations. Intended for sound reinforcement in entertainment applications including live performance, DJ and dance music, karaoke and event production, E Series loudspeakers will deliver outstanding results. Building on QSC’s proven “Systems” methodology, the E Series loudspeakers’ performance is further enhanced when paired with QSC’s GXD or PLD amplifiers or with a QSC TouchMix digital mixer, and taking advantage of the on-board DSP and factory-tuned presets. These presets support a variety of applications including live sound reinforcement (with and without subwoofers), stage monitoring, dance music and karaoke.
High output, professional quality sound with 1600 W continuous power
E Series Entertainment System – Advanced digital signal processing tunings and options using QSC GXD, PLD amplifiers or TouchMix digital mixers.
E Series Entertainment System DSP Tunings are now available for PLD, CXD and GXD processing amplifiers.
Rugged tour-grade textured paint
Foam-lined perforated steel grill
Optional Padded Cover for protection during transportation
Optional Caster Kit for greater portability
Configuration 2 × 18-inch, subwoofer non powered
Frequency Range1 (-6dB) 37 Hz - 230 Hz
Frequency Range1 (-10 dB) 32 Hz - 230 Hz
Power capacity2: continuous/peak 1600 W / 6400 W
Sensitivity 101 dB, 1 W @ 1 m
Coverage Angle N/A
Output1 (peak SPL @ 1 m) 136 dB



2 × 457 mm (18 in) driver with 102 mm (4 in) voice coil


Nominal Impedance 4Ω
Cross-over Recommended 80-120 Hz LPF
Input connectors 2 × NL4, 1 × barrier strip
Enclosure Rectangular, plywood, black texture paint finish. Four side mounted handles. Rear panel provision for optional 4-inch casters. Perforated, powder-coated steel grille with foam lining.
Speaker Dimensions
(W×H×D) 1180 × 616 × 640 mm
46.5 × 24.3 × 25.2 in
Carton Dimensions (H×W×D) 1300 × 740 × 686 mm
51.2 × 29 × 27 in
Net speaker weight 76.4 kg / 168 lb
Shipping Weight 83 kg / 183 lb