MA Lighting dot2 Node4 1K 4-Port Ethernet to DMX Node

MA Lighting dot2 Node4 1K 4-Port Ethernet to DMX Node

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The dot2 Node4 (1K) from MA Lighting provides easy access for up to four DMX outputs from a dot2 console.

The dot2 Node4 (1K) connects to a dot2 console or dot2 on PC software via a Plug & Play network connection. The user can easily choose output configuration 1-4 or 5-8 from the dot2 software set-up screen.

The dot2 Node4 (1K) does not increase the channel capacity of an dot2 console, which is limited to 4,096 channels. Additionally the dot2 on PC software can output up to 1,024 channels of DMX when connected to an dot2 Node4 (1K). Normal network rules apply for allowing nodes to be placed remotely.

Easy Operation:
Minimal set-up time by Patch & Go
Intuitive Graphical User Interface
The rig at your fingertips with direct fixture control
Integrated user guidance with Direct Hints
Capture your design with Store Look
Access generic fixture functions via Smart Dialogue
Ensure elegant playback with Track & Shield and Auto-Unblock
Automated playback page management by Auto-Fix
Intuitive operating style to suit all users
Specialist features for various lighting disciplines
Simple full tracking backup with plug and play hardware
Scalable to your needs with wings and external touchscreens
Free on PC and 3D visualizer software
Console software in multiple languages
Direct Hints in multiple languages
Online help and tutorials in multiple languages
Multilingual support forum
Compact all-in-one lightweight design
No external devices needed as all connectivity is onboard
Every wing comes with an integrated touchscreen
Decades of experience in developing intelligent lighting control solutions
Reliable MA hardware – made in Germany
Rock solid MA software - made in Germany
Industry leading support
Model: dot2 Node4 (1K)
Art.No.: 130215
Operating voltage/ Supply voltage: 120/230V, 50/60Hz (automatic detection)
Power: 25VA
Dimensions: 5.2 x 7.7 x 1.9inch (130 x 195 x 46mm)
Net weight: 1.9lbs (0.85kg)
Output connectors: 4 x XLR 5pin (DMX)
Input connectors: 1 x etherCON (dot2-Net)