Furman AC Sequenced Power Distributor

Furman AC Sequenced Power Distributor

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Compact, convenient, and cost-effective, the ASD-120 AC sequenced power distributor from Furman suits your needs for touring PA systems, mobile theatrical acts, on-location film shoots and more. With six 20 Amp, 120 Volt circuits, power can be booted in a sequenced fashion, reversed for powering down, and adjusted to a delay interval via an internal trimpot—all monitored by LED indicators. ASD-120's front panel contains a three-position switch for each circuit to specify individual sequencing needs, as well as a duplex outlet for each delay step and a locking switch with removable key for added security. Wire for 120 V single phase, 240 V single phase, or even 208 V three phase power via ASD-120's four built-in oversized buses and strain relief clamp for cable or wire bundles up to 1.5" in diameter. Save your system from bulky, inconvenient units, ASD-120 distributes AC power to multiple circuits simply and affordably.

Touring PA systems

Touring musical and theatrical acts

Mobile recording facilities

On-location film and video shoots

120A total load
(6) 20A, 120V circuits, each with a status indicator
Oversized buss bars
Four-buss design accommodates 120V or 240V single phase, or 208V three phase power
6 widely spaced duplex outlets on rear panel
Front panel key switch for security
Compact two-rack space package