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The American DJ Flash Rope gives you 15.5 Feet of waterproof Strobe lighting you can use indoors or out. Brought to you by ADJ it is perfect for any venue or event looking for Strobe lighting

The ADJ Flash Rope is user friendly, waterproof, works great indoors or out.

With a built in "O" ring for easy hanging and a flash rate of 1 per second the American DJ Flash rope is perfect for all kinds of events, holidays, and groups including bands, DJ's, any type of party where you might want strobe effect, staging, or simply to really stick out at Halloween.

Low power consumption of only 45W on a 15.5 Foot String the ADJ Flash rope gives you long lasting Strobe lighting with 12 flash capsules and a Lamp life rated to an average of 2000 hours.

Make sure that your next event, whether it is a huge stage or a small venue or even a school dance has some awesome Strobe lighting with the American DJ Flash Rope.

User Friendly “plug and play” strobe lighting with 12 flash capsules
Rainproof – suitable for indoor or outdoor use
Built-in “O” ring for easy hanging
Flash Rate: 1 flash per second
Length: 15.5 feet / 4760mm
Weight: 1.75 lbs. / 0.8 kgs.
Lamp Life: 2,000 hours (average)
Power Consumption: 45W