DW DRKTPFC04AA Performance 4pc Shell Pack, Chrome HW
DW DRKTPFC04AA Performance 4pc Shell Pack, Chrome HW
DW DRKTPFC04AA Performance 4pc Shell Pack, Chrome HW
DW DRKTPFC04AA Performance 4pc Shell Pack, Chrome HW

DW DRKTPFC04AA Performance 4pc Shell Pack, Chrome HW

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A Bona Fide, American-made DW
The DW Performance Series' HVX maple shells are hand built in the same California plant, by the same skilled craftsmen, as DW's inimitable Collector's Series. Its hardware even offers many of the same tuning and performance advantages. Reduced Quarter Turret lugs and a range of specialty wrap, lacquer, and satin finishes give the Performance Series a heart and soul all its own.

DW Performance Series vs DW Collector's Series
Unlike the 100% custom Collector's Series, the DW Performance Series maximizes value by limiting configurable options. If you're in the market for an authentic American DW playing experience at a real-world price, look no further than the Performance Series.

HVX maple shells
The Performance Series begins with DW's US-built, handcrafted HVX hard rock North American maple shells. The HVX grain orientation arranges wood plies horizontally, vertically, and diagonally for a deep and satisfying fundamental. Shells are baked in pressure molds (2600 PSI at 200°F) then immediately Cool Tempered to crystallize the glue, maximizing strength, roundness, and resonance. Toms come crowned with pinpoint 45° back-cut bearing edges to enhance attack and increase head response; the kick drum features 60° edges for richer depth and effortless playability.

Proprietary DW hardware
Unique to the Performance Series are DW's reduced-size Quarter Turret lugs. These offer a decidedly sleeker, more modern appearance that many DW artists prefer. A closer look reveals much of the same hardware found throughout the DW's Collector's Series:

Graduated Counter Hoops, weighted per each shell size, unlock a dynamic balance of attack and sustain
Washer-less STM Suspension Tom Mounts float toms securely without choking tone
Fine-threaded True-Pitch tension rods maximize tuning accuracy

DW Performance Series Shell Pack Features:
Handcrafted and finished in Oxnard, California
Quarter Turret lugs are sleek and recognizable
HVX maple shells deliver a deep, powerful fundamental
Heat forming/Cool Tempering maximizes shell strength, roundness, and resonance
45° and 60° bearing edges promise modern cut and sustain
Graduated flanged hoops are tailored to each shell diameter
STM tom mounts suspend shells securely without choking tone
21" floor tom legs accommodate a range of playing heights
Fine-threaded True-Pitch tension rods enhance tuning accuracy
Tech Specs
Finish: Black Diamond FinishPly
Configuration: Shell pack without snare
Number of Drums: 3
Mounted Toms (Depth x Diameter): 9" x 13"
Floor Toms (Depth x Diameter): 16" x 16"
Bass Drums (Depth x Diameter): 18" x 22"
Shell Material: North American Maple HVX