Chamsys Rack Mount Dongle

Chamsys Rack Mount Dongle

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MagicQ Rack Mount Dongle

MagicQ Rack Mount Dongle is a USB Dongle that unlocks MagicQ PC systems from 'demo mode' allowing the restricted functions to be accessed.

MagicQ PC Systems are also unlocked from 'demo mode' when connected to a MagicQ Wing or MagicQ USB Interface (not MagicDMX), The MagicQ Rack Mount dongle performs the same role in a small form factor - ideal for installations. 

The Rack Mount dongle can also be used to unlock all 8 layers of MagicHD stand alone, which is required only when MagicHD is not being controlled by a ChamSys console. 

The Rack Mount Dongle is the same price as the MagicQ Dual DMX Interface, but where the Dongle is small and fits in a rack mounted computer easily, the Dual DMX Interface does not. The Dual DMX Interface however provide two output ports, so customers may find that this a more cost effective solution in some cases.

As well as unlocking MagicQ PC Systems from 'demo mode' having the rack mount dongle connected also allows the use of 3rd party and virtual MIDI interfaces to input Midi Notes into MagicQ, other ChamSys PC hardware such as the PC Wing, Mini Wing a Dual DMX do not unlocking this functionality.

For further details of the MagicQ PC restricted functions see here

Note that triggering of Playbacks via USB MIDI is limited to the first 10 playbacks of MagicQ.